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CDL3 Track Kits

The CDL3 Dash Logger is available standalone or as part of a kit including shift lights, GPS, buttons and plug-in looms. This is a simple, cost effective way of buying and installing a race-ready, entry level display/data system.

CDL3 to ECU Adaptor Looms

These looms quickly and easily connect the CDL3 and CDL3 Track Kits to factory and aftermarket ECUs. An additional cable/adapter may be required in conjunction with the RS232 adapter for some ECUs.

CDL3 I/O Loom

A professional quality, terminated loom that can be used to add inputs and outputs to the CDL3.
Note: As standard, the CDL3 does not include I/O. To use this loom the CDL3 12 I/O Upgrade is required.

Communication Cables

To configure the CDL3, a communication cable is required to connect to a PC. An Ethernet cable should be used to connect to the Ethernet port on the PC.
Note: An Ethernet Communications Cable is included with the CDL3 Track Kits.


GPS units can be used with the CDL3 for speed, position, track mapping and lap timing, plus date, time and GPS statistics.
Note: A 10 Hz GPS is included with the CDL3 Track Kits.

Lap Timing

The MoTeC BR2 Beacon Receiver can be connected to the CDL3 for lap timing as well as calculation features for lap time gain/loss, fuel used per lap and fuel predictions. GPS units can also be used as a cost effective alternative to traditional lap timing devices.

Shift Lights

MoTeC offers CAN-based SLM and SLM-C Shift Light Modules or traditional single shift lights.
Note: An SLM-C is included with the CDL3 Track Kits.


Lambda sensors, position sensors, force and motion sensors, pressure sensors, temperature sensors and speed sensors.


An E888 can be connected to the CDL3 (8 thermocouples only).