The C187 is a professional level Display Logger featuring a generous, full colour screen. It comes standard with 250 MB internal logging memory and MoTeC's world-renowned i2 data analysis software. A Pro option is available for expert analysis.

C187s now offer the convenience and flexibility of USB Logging, an optional upgrade that can be enabled in the field at any time. This upgrade also increases the internal memory to 500 MB. In addition, recently built models provide three composite video inputs for a live camera feed on the display screen.*

The vivid 176mm screen (approx 7") is high resolution, ultra bright and anti-reflective for easy reading in direct sunlight. Choose from numerous selectable layouts and configure the channels, labels and colours to suit. Or, opt for the Display Creator upgrade and treat your screen as a blank canvas with unique graphics, images, logos and custom icons. Create multiple pages to suit different scenarios, optimising the screen space for your application.

An array of 16 full colour LEDs is integrated into the unit for use as shift lights, warning lights or other driver alerts. The colour, function and intensity of each LED is programmable, allowing users to develop their own unique strategies and sequences.

Note: This product has recently changed part number (PN) due to a component modification. All functionality remains the same, however the case dimensions and weight have changed slightly from PN 18051.

Also available: C127 Display Logger

Basic Specifications


For full customisation of the display layout and graphics add the Display Creator option. See examples.    

  • Screen: Colour TFT LCD, anti-reflective
  • Resolution: 800 x 480, anti-aliased graphics
  • Selectable fixed layouts with channel and label configurability
  • 48 user-defined, scrollable message lines with programmable overrides
  • 3 programmable 'pages', for example Practice, Warm-Up, Race


  • 250 MB internal logging memory
  • Optional USB Logging to a removable storage device (flash drive)
    • includes upgrade to 500 MB internal memory
    • requires compatible hardware*
  • Logging rates up to 1000 samples per second
  • Fast Ethernet download
  • Includes i2 Standard data analysis software (i2 Pro available as an upgrade)


  • 4 x configurable CAN buses with individually programmable CAN bus speeds
    • One can be used as RS232 Receive
    • Two CAN buses support VIM/SVIM Expanders
  • 2 x dedicated RS232 ports


  • Dimensions 196.2 x 122.5 x 24.9 mm excluding connector
  • Weight 670 g
  • 1 x 79 pin Autosport connector
  • 1 x mini USB port


  • 10 x analogue voltage inputs (20 with I/O Upgrade)
  • 4 x analogue temperature inputs (8 with I/O upgrade)
  • 4 x digital inputs
  • 2 x switch inputs
  • 4 x speed inputs
  • 3 x Composite Video Inputs for the connection of PAL or NTSC cameras*


  • 6 x low side outputs
    • PWM or switched operation

Internal Sensors

  • 3-axis G sensor
  • Dash temperature sensor
  • Sensor supply voltage
  • Battery voltage



*Compatible hardware can be identified by a mini USB port on the back of the unit.







Part No: 

(Recently changed from #18051)

7 inch - Professional

Connector: Autosport
Logging Level 1: 250mb
Sample Rate: Up to 1000/second

Logging Level 2: 500mb + USB
Inputs/Outputs: 44
Pro Analysis
T2 Telemetry
Advanced Functions
Display Creator


Download the C187 datasheet

Also available: C127 Display Logger

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