Partner Program


Partner Package Pricing

If your Partner Package has all of the features of MoTeC's GPR package, then generally it will be priced at the GPR price. You need to add new features to any MoTeC base package to make your Partner Package worthwhile and attractive to customers.

If your package is restricted to limited vehicles (via hard coded ref sync modes, number of cylinders etc.) then it will be priced lower than a package without those limitations.

A Partner Package will attract a higher value if it has features such as CAN messaging for OEM CAN integration, gearbox controls, specialised traction and launch controls, power steering controls, etc.

Volume Pricing

Volume pricing on M1 Partner Packages may be offered. Volume pricing is an agreed percentage reduction at specific volume break points. The break points are agreed up front, and paid back as a rebate as each break point is achieved.

All of the pricing and volume details should be discussed and agreed to before a Developer persues any new Partner Package. This will help to ensure that the project stacks up before putting in time and effort.